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Firefox Plug In/Add On Developer Piece Work

Oliver E Cole

   OC Systems is looking for someone to write a Firefox Plug In/Add On.
   This Plug In/Add on will support the data collection for our next
generation RTI product.


   This is for Internet Explorer.  We would want a similar data
collector for Firefox so we can support Firefox too.  The Firefox Plug
In/Add On would integrate with our data viewing tools and would call our
existing shared library as each http request is sent or received so we
can do logging.

   This is consulting work.  We would first enter into an agreement to
pay you to do a prototype (we would agree on cost and scope first) and
then, depending on the results of the prototype, we would proceed to
full implementation.

   OCS would have full rights to the resulting sources.

   The successful applicant already has excellent experience writing
firefox plug ins/add ons.

   If you feel that you are qualified and want to discuss this subject
further, contact me at [hidden email]
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