Firefox OS and BELLA project

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Firefox OS and BELLA project

Frédéric WANG
Dear all,

As you may have read, Mozilla recently made some decisions regarding
Firefox OS, the corresponding apps and marketplace. They are essentially
giving up the smartphones/tablets market and are moving focus on
"Connected Devices" and the "Internet Of Things".

Some time ago, Raniere and I were excited about Firefox OS for mobile
devices and we we worked on a project to create Firefox OS apps for
education. In particuliar, these apps contained many math formulas and
were at the same time a way to demonstrate and motivate the MathML
developments in Gecko (and maybe help funding these developments). Many
of the apps had already been published at the following address:

Given the change of direction of Mozilla we decided to make the source
of the BELLA project public (paid apps are no longer relevant) and under
the MPL / CC. We hope to get help from the community to continue the
project and move to non-FirefoxOS-specific Web apps. For people who are
interested, here is the link:


Frédéric Wang
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