Firefox Nighty 50 build - Pointer Lock API improvement Sign Off

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Firefox Nighty 50 build - Pointer Lock API improvement Sign Off

Brindusa Tot

Please see below the current status for the Pointer Lock API improvement
feature - remove the permission requirement for PointerLock is enabled:

Testing Status:  COMPLETED

All the available tests were executed, on Nightly 50.0a1, across the
following platforms: Windows 7 x64, Windows 10 x32, Ubuntu 15.04, Mac OS X

Additional exploratory/smoke tests were performed after fix of bug 1287408

1. Overall build status after testing: GREEN  - No blockers or major bugs
Apart from a few already known bugs, there was 1 new issue logged with high
impact - 1287408 <>
(reproducible on all platforms). This was fixed and verified on Nightly
50.0a1 on all Platforms.

2. Recommendation from QE: SIGN OFF

Based on the test results, we are signing off on this feature for release to

3. Manual Testing Summary:

* Focus area:

* The permission requirement notification was disabled
* A warning bar is displayed with message "<site> has control of your
pointer. Press Esc to take back control." went pointer lock is activated
* Pointer lock functionality with or without full screen

* Test Plan: Pointer Lock API Improvement Test Plan
* Detailed Test Results: Test Run Results

4. Reported bugs for this build:

*    Full list with the logged bugs can be found at: Logged Bugs

5. Known Issues for this build:

* High impact issues:

* none

* Low impact issues:

* Bug 1287104 <>
- PointerLock demo can't be enabled after changing focus
* Bug 1288692 <>
- After Web Console is opened - full screen is entered on a PointerLock demo
instead of just entering PointerLock
* Bug 1289403 <>
-  [e10s] PointerLock works very slow on Nightly and Aurora with this site



Brindusa Tot

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