Firefox 61 Milestones & Key Dates

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Firefox 61 Milestones & Key Dates

Ryan VanderMeulen-2
Hi everyone,

Monday the 12th marks the beginning of the Firefox 61 development cycle on
Nightly. As we have done for many of the past releases, the document below
attempts to clarify the milestones and key dates throughout the cycle:

The release calendar wiki page is in sync with this document. I will update
the various Google calendars early next week after giving people a chance
to provide any feedback on the cycle here first.

Please note that the Firefox 61 Beta cycle will also be impacted by the
June All-Hands, so be prepared for a bit less time for landing fixes than
some of our previous releases. We should plan to make realistic assessments
for feature ship-readiness as soon as we can confidently do so to avoid
last-minute churn.

Feel free to reply to this thread or in comment in the doc with any
feedback/concerns you may have.


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