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Firefox 48 Nightly - Windows Child Mode support - Sign Off

Simona Marcu

Please see below the current status for the Windows Child Mode support

*Testing Status:* COMPLETED.

All the available tests were executed, on Nightly 48.0a1, across the
following platforms: Windows 8.1 (x32), Windows 8.1 (x64), Windows 7
(x64), Windows 10 (x64).

*1. Overall build status after testing:* GREEN

No major bugs were logged while testing the Windows Child Mode feature.

*2. Recommendation from QE:* SIGN-OFF.

Based on the testing results and on the fact that the logged bugs are
not with major impact, I'm signing off on Nightly 48.0a1 build for
Aurora 48.0a2.
We recommend further testing of the Windows Child Mode feature in each
release against some or all of above mentioned configurations.

*3. Manual Testing Summary:*

  * Focus area:
      o Child Mode Functionality - tested that Microsoft's Family Safety
        feature properly works on the Nightly build. Note that the user
        has to manually add the preference
        “/security.family_safety.mode/” in order to enable the Child
        Mode feature.
      o Firefox Basic Functionality - Firefox behavior on a child
        account and on an admin/parent account having the preference
  * Test Plan:
  * Detailed Test Results:

*4. Reported bugs for this build: *

  * Bug 1259013 - Private Browsing is allowed in Child Mode
  * Bug 1259028 - No warning when downloads are blocked in Child Mode
  * Bug 1259043 - Adult Content is allowed in Child Mode when Video
    DownloadHelper is installed

*5. Known Issues for this build:***

  * *Major issues*: none
  * *Low impact issues:

Simona Badau | QA Engineer

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