Firefox 3 accessibility changes will be substantial

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Firefox 3 accessibility changes will be substantial

Aaron Leventhal-3
The last time the underlying engine for Mozilla
(including accessibility) was shipped as part of a
Firefox update was Firefox 1.5, in November 2005.

There have been many changes since then,
throughout Gecko.

This especially includes accessibility where we
are working hard on support for:
- IAccessible2
- Code cleanups

In addition, changes to the underlying layout
engine often break things. Caret tracking is now
broken with Window-Eyes. I also just fixed a
regression from February 2006, which broke MSAA
events in frames.

In a couple of months we will be asking people
from the community to help us test this
thoroughly. The QA effort for Firefox 3 is going
to need to be extremely solid.

- Aaron
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