Fennec automatic updates discontinued, except from Google Play

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Fennec automatic updates discontinued, except from Google Play

Delphine L

Make sure you're installing Fennec from Google Play to get updates

I wanted to share a message posted recently here[1] by Release Engineering:



I am intending to stop offering Fennec updates when Fennec itself is

installed manually instead of via the Google Play store.

More details are at https://github.com/mozilla-releng/releng-rfcs/pull/13

or in rendered form at


Please contain (most) comments to the markdown on github.

I intend to implement this on autoland/central as of Feb 5, 2019 and allow

it to ride the trains to release.

Thank You,

~Justin Wood (Callek)

Release Engineer


What does this mean from an l10n perspective? In the majority of cases this
applies to those of you on single-locale builds, who were getting their
Nightlies from here[2] in order to test localizations. You will still have
the option to *manually* update from ftp each time you'd like a new
version. Automated updates will only be supported via your devices

As you know, we're shifting our focus from Fennec to Fenix this year, so
this should be very low impact on all of us.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can check out the links
in Callek's message as well, as they contain a lot more details.




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