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Re: Localizing AccessFu.properties [Was: New approach to placeholders?]

Rimas Kudelis
Hi Francesco,

flod wrote:
> Il 01/05/12 19.15, Rimas Kudelis ha scritto:
>> a) this growth is not exponential. It's of course much more than 4 +
>> 65, but this amount of strings is still manageable.
> I thought this was a typo (4+65), but I read you again in the bug [1]
> and I think you're wrong.

No, it's not a typo.

> 65 strings + 4 variants (checked, not checked, collapsed, expanded). If
> you want to support cases and genders, you'll end up with at least 65*2
> (120) strings, not 65+4 or a few more, assuming that only two states
> apply to a single element (which I'm not sure of).

I was comparing 4 * 65 (the number of composed string variants) to 4 +
65 (which I assume is the current status, I haven't looked at the
strings yet, TBH). 260 looked manageable to me, but if the number of
precomposed strings would be closer to 130, it's even better.

> "checkbox" is translated as a female word in Italian, how can you know
> which gender "checked" should be? The only way is to have a "checkbox
> checked", "checkbox unchecked", and so on for all elements.

I'm all in favor of precomposed strings. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough
about it?

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