Fenix launch l10n update -- 13 July

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Fenix launch l10n update -- 13 July

Jeff Beatty
Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for helping us to create a consistent and stable
localized user experience with our new Android browser, Fenix. As a
reminder, in order to be included in the Fenix launch, you must complete
localization by the *18th of July (only 6 days left)*! As part of the goal
to deliver a comparable localized experience to users, our goal is to match
Fennec's average completion percentage, which is 90%. As of this week,
we're only *2% away* from meeting the goal for global users! We can do
this! Please let us know how the l10n-drivers can support your community's
efforts this week (maybe a virtual l10n sprint?).

- L10n freeze date: *18 July*
- Fenix release channel migration: *End of July*

*Current progress*
- Average Fenix completion percentage across all locales: *88% (5%
- Average Fennec completion percentage across all locales: *90%*

*Important info*
- Just a reminder, you can find the Fenix Nightly builds in the Google Play
Store [1] for testing your localization. *Please take the time to test!*
Your language will appear in the app settings once you begin localizing the
project in Pontoon and the Fenix team imports your locale into the build
process. If you don't localize the project, your language will not appear
in the builds. Please note that at least Android 5 is necessary to use and
test Fenix on an Android device.

We're thrilled to see Fenix become a more useful version of the browser we
all love on Android. Thank you in advance for your help to make this

[1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.fenix
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