Fenix l10n update -- 24 March

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Fenix l10n update -- 24 March

Jeff Beatty
Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone for helping us to create a consistent and stable
localized user experience with our new Android browser, Fenix. There have
been some significant changes to the Fenix launch plan, as well as changes
to the Reps recommendations around funding hackathons in the age of
COVID-19. I'll detail all of those changes below:

- Feature complete date:
*to be announced when set*
- Source string freeze date:
*to be announced when set*
- Localized string freeze date: estimated to be July
- Fenix launch date: no sooner than July

*Current progress*
- Average Fenix completion percentage across all locales: *73% (13%
- Average Fennec completion percentage across all locales: *90%*

*Important info*
- Mozilla senior leadership has decided *to postpone the launch of Fenix*.
This delay is in order to perform sufficient data-driven experimentation to
inform the optimal timing for launching Fenix while ensuring the highest
possible number of Fennec users migrate successfully to Fenix. When new
milestones and dates have been set, I'll be sure to inform you all. The
team has assured me that this will not result in a massive influx of new
- As you've seen from the Mozilla Reps, they've made some changes to the
event funding process to respect local effects of COVID-19. Effectively, if
your local government has issued a quarantine or shelter-in-place order,
please respect those orders and cancel your Fenix l10n hackathon. If that
does not apply to you, you can still organize a local hackathon. I have
created an event in the new community portal for Fenix localization [1]. If
you would like to organize a local l10n hackathon in the coming weeks to
bring your locale to 100% complete, please reach out to a Resource Rep.
Budget requests from Resource Reps [2] for under USD$100 will be
fast-tracked for approval.
- Just a reminder, you can find the Fenix Nightly builds in the Google Play
Store [3] for testing your localization. *Please take the time to test!*
Your language will appear in the app settings once you begin localizing the
project in Pontoon and the Fenix team imports your locale into the build
process. If you don't localize the project, your language will not appear
in the builds. Please note that at least Android 5 is necessary to use and
test Fenix on an Android device.

We're thrilled to see Fenix become a more useful version of the browser we
all love on Android. Thank you in advance for your help to make this

[1] https://community.mozilla.org/events/fenix-launch-l10n-sprint/
[2] https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/group/resources/
[3] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.mozilla.fenix.nightly
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