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Feedback on Proposed Fluent Features

Staś Małolepszy
Hello dev-l10n!

I'd like to ask you to take a look at a few proposals that we're currently
discussing as part of the Fluent Syntax 0.8 milestone, and share your
thoughts. See the thread on Discourse:

I'm looking for feedback about:

  - Unicode escape sequences, in particular corresponding to code points
from astral planes,
  - The expected behavior of indentation in multiline translations, and
  - The syntax for defining and accessing variants of terms which your
language may use to define grammatical cases, plural forms, or spelling or
mutations matching the position of the term in the sentence.

Please take a look at the link above for more details. If you have
experience or expectation about these features, I will appreciate it if you
left comments in Discourse or directly in GitHub.

Background: The Fluent syntax has been pretty stable since we started using
it more actively in Firefox. Nevertheless, we're still making small changes
to improve its readability, ease of work and compatibility. Thanks to all
of you who have already used Fluent in production! We hope to publish a 1.0
version of the specification by the end of this year.

The changes to the syntax are discussed in rounds, to give everyone an
equal chance of expressing their opinion and to provide a time-based
structure for the conversation. These rounds are called Requests for
Comments, RFC for short. Earlier today I opened a new RFC round for Syntax
0.8, which lasts until the end of this week.

If this is something that you find interesting, please subscribe to the
Fluent category on Discourse to get notifications about future RFCs. You
can also find me on IRC (#l20n) and on Slack (#fluent) as "stas".

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