FOSDEM : Saturday Night (25th) Mozilla Dinner

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FOSDEM : Saturday Night (25th) Mozilla Dinner

Brian King-2
A message from Gerv (he had to rush off so asked me to post):


There is a (currently _tentative_; please note nothing is guaranteed)
plan for the Mozilla Foundation to host a dinner for Mozilla people on
FOSDEM Saturday. We'd pay for food, but not drink.

In order to make this work and prevent freeloading, we need a guest
list. Can people who would be interested in coming to such a dinner
please email me:

mailto:[hidden email]?subject=FOSDEM%20Dinner%20Attendance

I will apply some simple checks to make sure the people who email me
aren't just random FOSDEM attendees looking for free food.

I am assuming everyone who is being given l10n sponsorship is coming.

Again, please note nothing is guaranteed.



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