Experimental build system group review in Phabricator

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Experimental build system group review in Phabricator

Gregory Szorc-3
Phabricator has the ability to assign reviews to a group. As a reviewer, when you "accept" the review (the equivalent of r+ in Phabricator terminology), you can do so as an individual and/or as a member of a group. i.e. reviewers can signal their individual sign-off versus a more official sign-off as a member of a group.

On the surface, groups seem to map pretty well to "modules" and how Mozilla's existing review mechanism is supposed to translate to "member of a module."

I'm not sure how groups in Phabricator will eventually shake out at Mozilla. There is some more discussion in bug 1433337 if you are curious. (One of the highlights is I'd like to see reviews automatically assigned to groups based on which files changed. But that appears a bit of a ways off.)

Until we figure out if there will be a more formal system in place for handling group reviews in Phabricator, I've taken the initiate of creating one so we - the build system and peers - can play around.

We now have a "firefox-build-system-reviewers" group in Phabricator: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/project/manage/20/. If you assign a review to this group or add this group to any Phabricator entity, members of the group should receive notifications from Phabricator.

Current members of the group are build peers with Phabricator accounts. Some build peers don't have Phabricator accounts yet. (If you create your account and would like to be added to the group, ping a member to add you.)

**I consider this feature experimental.**

I don't believe the Phabricator group reviews translate into r? requests in Bugzilla for members of a group. Coupled with the fact that not many people are actively looking at Phabricator's dashboards yet, this means that a review assigned just to a group in Phabricator could linger. I recommend assigning reviews to an individual - as well as the group - to mitigate the risk of nobody seeing the review. As Phabricator review volume increases, hopefully this becomes less of an issue. And hopefully once Phabricator gets up and running we have a more formal solution for integrating group reviews. But until then, let's experiment in the build system.

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