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Emacs keybindings

Egon Andersen-2

I was surpriced when I downloaded and installed SeaMonkey, that the
usual Emacs keybindings did not work as they did/do in the Mozilla Suite
any more.
This is quite annoying as I'm so used to use Emacs that I of course use
the same accellerators when I type an e-mail.

So I really feel that this is a sad and undesired situation.
Actually I earlier stopped to use Thunderbird after a short test because
I found this issue to be of such a big annoyance.

Please keep the Emacs bindings and maybe you could make a set of radio
buttons where it could be changed to something different if those sad MS
Windows users had other preferences.
(Didn't Mozilla or Netscape have such possibility earlier - I seem to
remember that that was the case years ago.)

Best regards
Egon Andersen

(PS Sent from a Mozilla Suite, where the bindings are still working as

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