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Ejscript Preview Release

Michael O'Brien-4
We wanted to announce to this list our early preview snapshot of Ejscript -- an ES4 based implementation of ECMAScript.

The goal of this implementation is to create an ECMAScript best suited for running outside browsers. Our key targets are embedded applications and server side scripting.

This is a partial release with the core components of a stand-alone / integrated compiler, VM, module file manager, doc generator and shell. Standards compliance is currently low and there are some big missing features. So don't expect too much yet. Our focus over the next 6 months is to close the ES4 compliance gap and get a release out by end of the year. In the meantime, this will go into our embedded web server (appweb) and start getting some use for server side web development.

Source repository: http://hg.embedthis.com/ejs  We've just migrated to this from subversion.

We've basically got a working (breathing) ES4 minus these items (and others):
- Type validation
- Parametric types
- Structural types
- Unicode
- Chunks of Date, Regexp and other classes
- Destructuring assignment
- Prototype inheritance

We'll add these over the next few months.

To discuss Ejscript, join the mailing list at: http://www.embedthis.com/mailman/listinfo



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