EU Copyright Consultation: relevant to Accessibility team

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EU Copyright Consultation: relevant to Accessibility team

Gervase Markham
Hi Accessibility team,

The EU are holding a consultation on copyright in the digital age, and
Mozilla is going to submit a response. The consultation includes some
questions about issues relating to accessibility.


"50. (b) Have you experienced problems when distributing/communicating
works published in special formats across the EU?"


"What mechanisms exist in the market place to facilitate accessibility
to content? How successful are they?"

If the Accessibility team has a view on these matters, or anything else
in the document, let me know by email ASAP. This sounds like a good
opportunity to make known any problems that copyright causes for a11y.

Otherwise, I will respond "no comment" to those questions.

Deadline for us to submit is next week; deadline for me to find out you
have a view is, well, sooner than that :-) Sorry for the short notice.


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