ECC S/MIME encryption on Thunderbird?

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ECC S/MIME encryption on Thunderbird?

Phil Pishioneri
Should Thunderbird allow encrypting of S/MIME email using an ECC
certificate? I can successfully sign and receive signed messages that
use an ECC certificate, but attempts to use the same certificate for
encryption get a pop-up window (during save or attempting to send) with

    Unable to save your message as a draft. [Sending of the message failed.]

    Unable to encrypt message. Please check that you have a valid email
    certificate for each recipient. Please check that the certificates
    specified in Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings for this mail
    account are valid and trusted for mail

I've tried with a free demo certificate available at

(and with a CA and end user certificate using Mac OS X Certificate
Assistant, and with Dogtag) and all act the same. The CA's are installed
and trusted. Thunderbird's certificate information for the Entrust
certificate says it's been verified for: SSL Client, Email Signer, Email
Recipient (the other certs have similar properties).

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Re: ECC S/MIME encryption on Thunderbird?

+1 It's possible to sign a message with an S/MIME ECC cert, not encrypt it with an ECC key though. Is there no plan to support elliptic curve cryptography any time soon?