Decommissioning dev-tech-layout mailman list; please use dev-platform instead

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Decommissioning dev-tech-layout mailman list; please use dev-platform instead

Daniel Holbert-3
Hello, dev-tech-layout mailing list subscribers!

As you may have noticed, the dev-tech-layout mailing list[1] has been
effectively unused for quite some time now; in practice, we’ve been using
other forums like dev-platform[2] or mozilla’s Matrix instance[3] instead
of using this list. The vast majority of messages that’ve been sent to the
dev-tech-layout list over the past few years have just been spam (which
hopefully haven’t reached your inbox, due to manual list-administrator
moderation).  There’s also been the occasional
legitimate-but-non-layout-related post that we’ve typically responded to by
directing the poster to a different more-appropriate forum.

In any case, the list isn’t serving much of a distinct purpose at this
point, so Cameron and I (the dev-tech-layout list’s current admins) have
decided that it's time to decommission it.  Past messages will continue to
be archived on Mozilla’s newsgroup server, which can be viewed at Google
Groups.[4]  (Much of the history there is spam, unfortunately, which has
probably made it there via direct posts to the newsgroup, bypassing the
mailing list’s manual moderation.)

Going forward: if you have a message that you might've considered for this
list, please instead send it to the dev-platform mailing list, or post a
message in the layout channel on Mozilla’s Matrix instance (links below at
[2] and [3]).


[3] <a href="">
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