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Dear firefox

I have been a loyal user of firefox for so long that I can not even remember when I first started using it as my primary browser (easily 15 years + though). Yet after Quantum I am finding myself being forced to use other browsers as addons keep crashing and even totally freezing my pc to the point I have to use the reset button as it is totally locked up and nothing works.

I have totally uninstalled including the cache and temp files deleted and all addons and fresh installed them again (manly addblock, flash player and standard normal usage addons)... Yet the issues still persist

Not sure what happened with quantum, but so many issues have came up recently that I am to the point I am forced into using other browsers more than firefox.
If I want to use my gmail account to place calls, either I have to use chrome or edge (which I hate) as the extension is no longer compatible.

Watching streaming videos firefox is slow and seems to loose connection to the server far too often and if I use chrome no issues at all

Currently trying amazon prime free trial and the drm extension, which used to work fine keeps crashing trying to watch a video (it has been a few years since my last free trial so I can do it again).

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