Curated list of localized language names for Firefox UI

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Curated list of localized language names for Firefox UI

Francesco Lodolo [:flod]
Hi localizers,

Follow-up to the email about dictionaries. Another part of improving the
experience when switching language is to display localized language
names in the UI. Currently, Firefox display languages localized in the
language of the build, for example showing "French" in an English build.

This happens for spell checking in the context menu, when customizing
the preferred languages for web content, and for the brand new language

Like for dictionaries, we want to create and maintain a curated list of
language names to use in Firefox UI, instead of exposing hundreds of
strings to all languages for translation. There are a few challenges,
and we need your help to understand if we're using the right approach.

This is the initial curated list

It's manually generated by looking at CLDR data where possible, since it
provides both localized names, and a capitalization rule to use such
name in the context of "UI list or menu", which is exactly the context
in which these will be used.

Here you can find the full analysis

I realized afterwards that the dictionary discussion generated a bit of
noise in the mailing list, so let's try a different approach.

If something looks wrong for your language, please provide feedback or
corrections via any of these methods (whichever is easier for you):
* By commenting in this bug
* By opening a pull request to edit
* By opening an issue on
* By reaching out directly to me, either via email, IRC or Telegram


P.S. please ignore if you receive this twice, the previous message
didn't reach the mailing list for some reasons.
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