Creating a new profile for SMPmW118

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Creating a new profile for SMPmW118

Christer Jacobsson
As Salaam Aleikum!

The profile She uses now is faulty, first it can't be changed and
secondly, processing email, for example deleting file attaches from
outgoing emails (She shares music files with a friend) is nearly
impossible and IF the process succeds it's logey as hell. So She want to
create a new fresh profile for SM, but to do that She has to have the
current profile visible. So how does She accomplish this? As She
understands She have to open a second instance of SM with some parameter
so it will enter the Profile Manager mode, but what is this parameter,
and how do I do so that two instances of SMPmW118 are open simultaneously?

Another question is where to place the new profile: should it be placed
on the HPFS Y: volume or the R: FAT32 volume so that the new profile can
be accessed both in WSeB and in Win7 (on the new box)? For SM this is
not an absolute necessary, but with FF this is essential so that
bookmarks, passwords and the like can be seen from both sides of the
system. And is it possible to so to speak lump together all bookmarks,
forms, passwords and other security info in one place that can be shared
by all versions of the browsers (FF) and mailers?

And lastly two questions. Does some program exist that can check mail
files in SMPmW118 for damages and if possible repair them and also
delete duplicate messages? For FF, does some "vacuum cleaner" program
exist that can go through the files urlclassifier.squlite and
places.sqlite (She thinks that the last file contains both bookmarks and
history data and remove duplicate entries and (hopefully) compact the
files. For FF She have installed a extension that allows history data to
be kept for more than the seven-day standard - She have set the limit to
99999 days - handy if She forgets the name for a certain site She
accessed a long time ago and want to revisit again.

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