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Creating a new mailer profile

Christer Jacobsson
As Salaam aleikum!

As the current mail profile, i.e. default is seriously wrong, it's time
to create a new profile named "Brekke" and placing the mail & newsgroups
on the r: (FAT32) partition. So first She will create r:\ top
catalog. SMPMW118 is started with the following .cmd file:

set BEGINLIBPATH=y:\\mozilla\SMPmW118;c:\os2\dll
rem set NSPR_LOG_MODULES=smtp:6
rem set NSPR_LOG_FILE=y:\\mozilla\SMPmW118\smtp6.log
set MOZILLA_HOME=Y:\\mozilla
set MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=y:\\mozilla\plugins
seamonkey.exe -P default -mailer
cdd y:\\mozilla\mozilla\Profiles\cribo.jacobsson\ffml759q.slt
attrib -a history.*
rem xcopy ffml759q.slt savedprofile /S /E /V /H /T /R /O

Observe that the xcopy statement is remmed out so the two lines above is
  not needed.

But it's stated that one can migrate the Profile, Personal adres book
and the mail directly thus avoiding the hassle of going through the
Default settings and hand-creating the Brekke settings. So how should a
.cmd file be constructed that can migrate the current default profile to
the new Brekke profile. She thinks that a .cmd file must be built that
sets the MOZILLA_HOME to r:\\mozilla, The .cmd file must
begin by the lines:


But what other statements must be included to migrate the current
profile so it points to the r:\\mozilla?

And btw, only answer in this ng, not by email as the Sent function is
seriously ill - it will send a reply correctly but NOT copy it to the
Sent folder :-( That's why She needs a shining new profile and the Mail
& Newsgroups data placed on the R: volume in the r:\\mozilla
cat/file structure. If an email contains file attaches that's not
covered by any os2 / eCs program, it should be possible to access these
unfamiliar file attaches in Her Win7 install on the new box.

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