Creating a localized build locally

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Creating a localized build locally

Axel Hecht

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Yesterday we changed the way that you create localized builds on

This works for developers doing regular builds, as well as developers or
localizers without a compile environment. Sadly, users of artifact
builds are not supported [1].

For language packs, a mere

./mach build langpack-de

will work. If you’d rather wish to build a localized package, you’ll
want to get the package first. If you’re building yourself, that’s

./mach package

and if you want to get a Nightly build from, just

./mach build wget-en-US

If you want to do that for Firefox for Android, you’ll need to specify
which platform you want. Set EN_US_BINARY_URL to the
latest-mozilla-central-* path for the binary you want to test. If you
have a good suggestion for a default, we'd need something like

And then you just

./mach build installers-fr

That’ll take care about getting the french l10n repository, and do all
the necessary things to get you a nice little installer/package in dist.
Pick your favorite language from our repositories [2]. Care for a RTL
build? ./mach installers-fa will get you a Persian build 😉.

As with other repositories we clone into ~/.mozbuild, you’ll want to
update those every now and then. They’re in l10n-central/*, a repository
for each language you tried. Either via hg or git-cinnabar, depending on
your m-c checkout.

Documentation is on,
bugs go to Core Build [3]. This works for Firefox, Firefox for Android,
and Thunderbird.

And now you can safely forget all the things you never wanted to know
about localized builds.


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