Copy/paste appears to work but doesn't bug 345607

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Copy/paste appears to work but doesn't bug 345607
Hey guys, wanted to get another bug I've been bitten by on the radar.
This one seems simple enough, if you look at comments 6,8 and 9 it
seems like the required patch is straight forward.  If not, could we
disable the copy/paste menu entries (or the function entirely) in the
mean time?

The real problem is that it seems like it works.  I was late for a
couple of meetings because I was in the middle of something and just
waited for the reminder to let me know when to stop, rather than
watching the clock, which never came.  Now that I know it doesn't work
I can work around it easily enough, of course.  Still, wanted to give
a poke in case comment #9 is correct and just needs to be written as a
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