Cleaning up and removing old platforms.

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Cleaning up and removing old platforms.

Ludovic Hirlimann-6

I'd like to cleanup old platforms that I believe aren't used with recent
versions of NSPR.

I've just checked out nspr and did a few greps here and there :
[ludovic@saraan nspr]$ grep -r OSF1 |wc -l
[ludovic@saraan nspr]$ grep -r IRIX |wc -l
[ludovic@saraan nspr]$ grep -r SYMBIAN |wc -l
[ludovic@saraan nspr]$ grep -r DGUX |wc -l

I'm pretty sure all of these are dead and have created patches and added
them in bug

I could add OS/2, HP-UX and probably older versions of AIX to this list.
Any idea which ones need to stay and which ones can go away ?



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