Cannot set up SMTP and cannot connect to update server

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Cannot set up SMTP and cannot connect to update server


I've just installed Bugzilla version 5.0.4 on a corporate Windows server on IIS.

I have two problems with the installations which might be related somehow.

The first is that I cannot set up a connection to Gmail's SMTP server through any means. The error message is displayed when saving the settings, "Cannot connect to smtp server ..."

I tried to manually edit params.json, this way the values are at least "saved", but when the application tries to send mails it returns a similar error.

I've enabled debugging as well and checked the logs generated by IIS, they are of no information (to me at least).

I though the problem might be firewall related, but it looks like it is not, since I am successfully sending mails from another application on the same server through this exact same SMTP server (to be specific:, port 587), and I can also ping and telnet into this address and port.

I've tried all of the different smtp servers and port combinations from this Google Support article, to no avail:

The second problem occurs on the home page, stating the following:
"The remote file cannot be downloaded (reason: 500 Can't connect to (nodename nor servname provided, or not known))."

The problem is similar to the first one, since I can successfully ping and telnet into this address, only Bugzilla cannot access it.

Running informs me that the mandatory modules are installed, there are some optional ones which are not. It gives me the commands to install them but none of them work: "Can't find any package that provides <modulename>"

ppm itself works because all the other modules I installed successfully by hand.

The missing modules are:

     RadiusPerl: ppm install RadiusPerl
  Encode-Detect: ppm install Encode-Detect
    TheSchwartz: ppm install TheSchwartz
 Daemon-Generic: ppm install Daemon-Generic
       mod_perl: ppm install mod_perl
Apache-SizeLimit: ppm install Apache-SizeLimit
  File-MimeInfo: ppm install File-MimeInfo
Cache-Memcached: ppm install Cache-Memcached

Thank you!
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