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CSUN 2008

Michael Curran
Hi everyone,

Exactly two months until CSUN 2008.

I was just wondering if people know what the plans are for a Mozilla
presence there? I know there was talk of having a booth again, and possibly
a larger area with computers set up for people to play with Mozilla
Accessibility software and other related open-source accessibility stuff.

I'm only interested in finding out so far as I and James Teh (as NVDA
developers) need to think about registering for the conference, and we'd
like to get the best rate possible.

Last year I believe Mozilla supplied conference and exibitor registrations
to people willing to man the booth etc, I'm not sure if that is happening
again? just if not, then as I'm speaking on the IAccessible2 panel, I'm
better off registrering before friday as a speaker for only $375, instead of

I am very much looking forward to this year, and hope to see as many of you
there as possible.



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