BzAPI : Empty Response when ask for Update Token

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BzAPI : Empty Response when ask for Update Token

 Bugzilla version :: 4.4.10
    BzAPI version :: 1.3

Issue - BzAPI is returning Empty response when asking for a token to update Bug.(

API is working fine while trying to load Bug.

Further, debug this BzApi.log found that internal request to Bugzilla is not returning <token></token> element.


We further debug and found that via PostMan request it only not returning <token></token> element.

Via web/chrome same request is returning <token></token> element.

We are further not sure what went wrong in configuration and seems like there is some version mismatch issue but we tried downgrading BzAPI version also.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated to resolve this issue.

PS: We can't upgrade Bugzilla to the latest version as we need an older version for testing.
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