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Building a C++ app using libxul (moved from

Callum Prentice
Moved to this group as requested.

I tried what you suggested and got pretty close. My only unresolved external now is
NS_NewProfileDirServiceProvider - adding in the profdirserviceproviders* libraries resulted in a
cascade of other link errors.

Should I not be using NS_NewProfileDirServiceProvider anymore? I've found some information about
profiles & libXUL but nothing I was able to understand and get working.


 > Please, let's take this to the new newsgroup (
 > It makes absolutely no sense to define MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API and
 > XPCOM_GLUE at the same time. It also makes no sense to define
 > XPCOM_GLUE while you're linking against xpcom.lib/xul.lib
 > Also, there should never be a xpcom_core.lib and a xul.lib at the same
 > time, unless you configured with --disable-libxul, which I strongly
 > discourage.
 > Try this set of defines:
 > XP_WIN32
 > and linkage:
 > nspr4.lib
 > plc4.lib
 > xpcom.lib
 > xul.lib
 > What you are doing is *not* highly-unsupported. Obviously hacking the
 > gecko internals is not supported, but linking a C++ program and calling
 > XRE_InitEmbedding is a perfectly normal activity, even if there aren't
 > many examples yet.
 > --BDS
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