Bugzilla splinter install problem.

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Bugzilla splinter install problem.


I' m trying to install splinter for my bugzilla (3.4.4) instance, but i' m having trouble with it.

When i use the one from git repository (git clone git://git.fishsoup.net/splinter), and install it with

make install BUGZILLA_ROOT=/var/www/bugzilla-3.4.4

it installs some files into $BUGZILLA_ROOT/extensions/splinter/ directory , and when i view a bug with a patch, i can see a review link (which points to http://SERVER/bugzilla-3.4.4/show_bug.cgi?bug=123456&attachment=5
) next to the details link, but when i click on it, i receive only this on that site:

You may find a single bug by entering its bug id here: <input field> <button value="Show Me This Bug">
This button will certainly show me a bug entered in the field, but i need the splinter.

For the patch file i use this file: http://bugzilla-attachments.gnome.org/attachment.cgi?id=64164 .

Where did i make my mistake? Do i still need to do anything else?

Thanks for the answers.