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I' ve a bugzilla instance and i try it configure to use an external ldap server, but it doesn' t do any communication on port 389 to the specified host.

My data/params config is like that:

          'LDAPBaseDN' => 'dc=infrastructure',
           'LDAPbinddn' => '',
           'LDAPfilter' => '',
           'LDAPmailattribute' => 'mail',
           'LDAPserver' => 'SERVER',
           'LDAPstarttls' => 0,
           'LDAPuidattribute' => 'uid',
           'auth_env_id' => 'REMOTE_USER',

There are still one parameter i don' t really understand, that is: user_verify_class . For its value i used to use DB and LDAP, too. After changing something in the configuration i restart the apache2 server certainly.

The ldap server works, i can use it with apache2 + ldap authentication from the same host.

Anyone has got idea what i still need to do, or what can be the problem? If i try to log in to mozilla, i receive back:
The username or password you entered is not valid.
, but the problem is that there is no communication on port 389 to the ldap server or to anywhere.

Thanks for the answers and ideas.

p. s.: All of the systems are Linux (Debian with etch or lenny version, and the instance of bugzilla has got 3.4.2 version number).