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Bugzilla and Triage Center Updates of Interest

Emma Humphries
1. In last week's BMO release, we added a new option to the needinfo? drop
down for the triage owner of the component the bug is in.


If you don't see a triage owner for the component, file a bug in
bugzilla.mozilla.org::administration and I'll help you find one. (Thanks to
jmaher, who has also been helping me find owners.)

2. https://mozilla.github.io/triage-center/ has been updated for tomorrow's
Firefox 53 release. Note that the queries we use for regressions without a
release status flag will not include Firefox 56 since Nightly is staying at
55 for this release cycle.

3. If you haven't been looking at https://emceeaich.github.io/triage-report/,
I'm trying a simple risk metric (which may be refined.) Right now it's tied
to the number of untriaged bugs.


Emma Humphries, she/her
Bugmaster, Firefox Product Integrity
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