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Bugzilla Testopia Lookup Users Problem



Find below details of the Bugzilla issue that we face.


Unable to create new test runs against a given test plan.


The test plan author is user ‘XYZ’ and user has full (read/write/delete)
permissions for this test plan. However still when  the user creates a new
test run and tries to enter values for the 'run manager' (simply type user
name there and expect the system to lookup the users) but the lookup users
returns an empty list. Still enter the username as run manager and then try
to submit the test run. At this point the application throws an error
message 'It seems there was either no value entered for manager, or the
value entered did not match any known values.’

Steps :

Login into Bugzilla

Select 'Product Dashboard' in testopia.

Select a product

Select a test plan

Create a new test run.

Enter all fields and value for ‘run manager’ field too.

Select Submit

Error Msg: 'It seems there was either no value entered for manager, or the
value entered did not match any known values.’

Other Information:

User Rights:

・         is a member of the relevant product,

・         is  a member of testers group

・         is the author of the test plan

Version Details:

Bugzilla Version: 3.0

Testopia Version: 2.1




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