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Hello everyone!

I'm new to Perl and to Bugzilla, but I have to customize the template that shows the buglist for my new company.

The requirements are that for each user, the estimated hours for all bugs with the status NEW and ASSIGNED should be summed up and a deadline date should be calculated with regards to weekends and holidays.

I've been able to put together a standalone script, that reads out the bugzilla mysql tables, sums up the hours for the required bugs and calculates a deadline. The data needed (currently looged in user) is forwarded from the table.html.tmpl via a normal link, which I was able to integrate.

Now I would like to implement this script into the table.html.tmpl under lists. I've found the possibility of Hooks but I'm not sure if this is what I need. All attemps to make a hook for my script have failed and now I'm just puzzled. The link solution works, but my boss wants the whole thing integrated into Bugzilla itself and I just can't see how - everytrhing I've tried just doesn't work :-(

Could someone please give a newbie a helping hand? Something like a howto, which I might have missed searching in google?

I would very much apreciate some help.

Thank you & cheers!