Bug: drag&drop of an image wants to send gopher-unknown.gif

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Bug: drag&drop of an image wants to send gopher-unknown.gif

Mumia W.-4
My system:
Thunderbird (20060516)
Linux 2.4.27
Debian 3.1r2
Window Manager: IceWM v. 1.2.20+21pre1-3
Firefox 20060508

In Thunderbird, when I use drag & drop to place an image into an e-mail
message that I'm composing in the Compose window, the image seems to be
messed up. The image does not appear, but only a red dot in a blue
square appears. And when I click "Send" to "Save," I get this message:

> Sending of Message Failed
> There was an error attaching gopher-unknown.gif. Please check that
> you have access to the file.

The file I'm sending is named file2.gif, and when I use the other way of
attaching an image (clicking on the "attach" button and selecting a file
from the dialog), saving and sending of the image works.

I plan to submit an image of the dialog box containing the error message
soon. My copy of Thunderbird was downloaded from the Mozilla web site.

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