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Bug Report Duplication Problem - Help !

I've invited you to fill out the following form:
Professional Profile

To fill it out, visit:

Dear friend,

I am a master's student in Computer Science at the Federal University  
of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil, under the advising of Dr. Eduardo Almeida.

We chose you because you participated in one of the open source projects  
included in this study. All the information provided will be kept  
confidential. We have no intention to

judge your work since we are merely interested in learning about some  
aspects of your work.

We are investigating the bug report duplication problem, so based on your  
experience using bug-trackers, we would like to invite you to participate  
in a short 8-10 minute survey

that our research group is conducting to get opinion about this subject.

Please, return it until April 15th, 2018. We will offer a lottery ticket to  
compete for an Amazon $100 credit and the results of the study when we  
finished the analysis.

We appreciate your time!

Best Regards,

Alexandre Gitirana

Google Forms: Create and analyze surveys.
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