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John Griego
Hello Mozilla Developers! I thought I would reach out to you as I have a new Research opportunity and wanted to get the word out to the group!
If you are interested in taking a look, we should connect as soon as possible.

Here it is:

Title: Web Browser Researcher / Architect

As consumer electronic (CE) devices become ever more powerful, so do the platforms they are based on. The next generation of Consumer Electronics products are becoming the world’s de facto computing devices.
We have very strong market share in this space. Our Computer Science R&D Lab in San Jose, CA, is interested in connecting with folks that have been involved with research & development of web browsers.
You will utilize your browser research experience to get deeply entrenched into next generation prototype browser development.

Are you interested putting your footprint in the world for products to come? Do you think different? If so, now is the time to connect as we are doing this right now.
We are looking to bring new talent to our lab to help build this vision. If you consider yourself a browser fanatic and have good ideas on how to improve browsers, we would like to connect with you.
This is a tremendous opportunity to drive and participate in a research vision, work in a world-class research group and deliver tangible, impactful results to multiple product divisions.

Research & Development of web based browsers.
Should have academic research or development experience with any of the following: Mozilla, Firefox, Webkit, Gecko, Safari, SeaMonkey, Moblin, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, etc.
Proven research track record including journal, conference publications or patents in this area.
Must have experience in either an academic or a corporate R&D environment.
Excellent communication skills and eager to deliver rapid prototypes.

MS / PhD (Preferred)

John G.
Staffing Director, Engineering
Silicon Valley Microsystems
(408) 762- eight eight 99

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