Bootstrapped extensions now require manifest.json instead of install.rdf​

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Bootstrapped extensions now require manifest.json instead of install.rdf​

Geoff Lankow-3
This is a copy of the message I sent to the maildev mailing list:

In order to simplify things, and to enable to
receive upgrades much earlier than would otherwise have been possible, I
have changed the way bootstrapped extensions are loaded in Thunderbird.

They now require a manifest.json file like overlay extensions do, but
with the addition of a "type" attribute on the "legacy" key, like so:

     "manifest_version": 2,
     "legacy": {
         "type": "bootstrap"

The legacy API documentation page has been updated with this
information. It also has information on how to link your legacy
extension's options page so that Thunderbird can display it on the Tools

Thunderbird (version 68 and above) will no longer take any notice of an
install.rdf file.

The change has enabled the removal of large amounts of code that only
existed to support bootstrapped extensions. It will also enable to do the same, after Thunderbird 60 reaches the
end of its supported timeframe.

(I realise I may have said that making this change to your extensions
was not going to be required, and I don't like to contradict myself, but
it's for the best. My apologies!)

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