Bonsai Help needed - How to show Recent Checkings?

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Bonsai Help needed - How to show Recent Checkings?

Dear Friends,

I´m a Brazilian developer trying to get advantages of the
Bonsai webtool. I'm faceing a a problem that might be a missunderstanding
or even missconfiguration, about how the 'Recent Checkins' is shown in
Bonsai Toplevel.

Every thing works fine, each commit is shown with its respective revision
(diffs, blame, graph, etc) but in the Recent Checkins - Recent Changes,
nothing is shown.

Is there any procedurement that I might be forgetting after a

This is nothing crictical, it´s only about the Chekings
statisticals, but is a good feater that the tool offers.

Thanks a lot in advance, and sory bodering you with such

Mario Caseiro
São Paulo - Brasil

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