Bon Echo alpha3 source (re)released and (re)tagged

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Bon Echo alpha3 source (re)released and (re)tagged

Robert Helmer-5

There was a problem with the tag used for the FIREFOX_2_0a3_RELEASE and
the source tarball, which has now been corrected. The tag has been
reapplied as of May 28 22:00:00 PDT 2006, and the source tarball
regenerated and pushed to production. The mirrors should update over
the next 2 hours.

The PGP signature, SHA1SUM and MD5SUM files have also been update
accordingly. Here are the SHA1 and MD5 sums of the final versions:


Please let [hidden email] know if you find any problems.

Rob Helmer
Build/Release Engineer, Mozilla Corporation

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