[Android] New strings for Focus for Android (Cobalt)

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[Android] New strings for Focus for Android (Cobalt)

Francesco Lodolo [:flod]
I've just exposed new strings for Focus for Android, they're already
available in Pontoon for translation.

There are 7 new strings, the deadline for this cycle (called "Cobalt")
is September 7.

Screenshots are available here:

Once a locale is signed off as ready for shipping, we'll keep including
it until if falls under a good level of translation (roughly less than
75-80% translated), also depending on the screenshots review.

Please make sure to check notifications in Pontoon, since we also use
them to warn locales that are scheduled for removal.


P.S. In case you're wondering, I'm covering mobile projects for Delphine
for the coming 3 weeks
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