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Addressbook and msg filter enhancement wishes

Martha, Peter

Here are my opinions how TB can be more usable for me and maybe for others:

More complex address book:
- To have the possibility to define more email addresses for a contact
- Separate office and private data. Selectable Phone, Mobile, Fax,
Pager, Email for home and work use. (Eg. Phone(h), Phone(w)
- Separate database for company details and links them to actual
contacts. Several people I know work for the same company, have the same
  address, fax, zip code etc of the company. I always have to write
these details.
- Automatic filters for the contact as an option. I prefer to file my
messages by contacts, so it would be nice if I could define a filter for
John Doe right when I create the contact. Then this filter should be
listed in the message filters.
- Folders inside address books. Tree like representation for the
contacts. Eg: Personal -> John Doe; but Work -> Company 1 -> Jane Doe.
Creating a new address book is not an alternate solution.

Message filters:
- Folders in filters, to easily find and navigate.
- The selection of IMAP/Local Folders in case of move or copy message
filter action is rather uncomfortable. The old fashion was much much better.

Thank you!
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