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Firstly, I'd like to add that I am an avid user of Firefox and love what you all have done to improve it.

I do have some suggestions though...mostly that which has to do with the Address Bar and the links for websites.  Though some part of this is addressed via the Pocket, but there are times which Pocket does not help to here is my idea...

I was thinking that nowadays the links for web pages are long and difficult to remember, and being mobile, I sometimes need to juggle between my laptop (or some other person's laptop, if I don't have access to my own) and my phone, so why not have the following:

Provide an icon, maybe next to the https lock icon on the address bar which automatically generates a QR code of the existing page and page address from which I can click on or move over that will then display said code and then use my phone which is also installed with Firefox and take a snap of the QR code and automatically open that web page on my mobile.  This can also be done in reverse whereby I have a page opened on mobile and need to open it on a laptop and I can use the laptop camera to scan the QR code on the phone Firefox browser.

I was at first thinking whether you guys/gals should just put in an image address link scanner that reads the address via the camera and translate it to the address link and open it automatically on the phone, that is if this is possible to do then you can scrap the QR code option and just provide the image translation and translate the address and automatically open it on the phone and vice-versa.

Although, this can be done in an indirect way using pocket, but if I am using another PC or one that doesn't belong to me, I am kind of wary of logging in and accessing the link to access the web page and anyway that will take too long.

What do you think?  Should this be put in to Firefox?  This could also be helpful in a sense like if you were searching on google maps via the browser on your laptop and then want to copy it over to your phone and open it to the maps app or the firefox mobile browser, as we all know google maps address are ass long and good luck if you can remember that.

So, do let me know if this is a good idea, and if you intend to include it in to Firefox.  This feature would rock though.

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