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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone come up with a way to make full integration with AD/Kerberos SSO (NON-LDAP) work?  I am unable to get Bugzilla to work just by setting auth_env_email to REMOTE_USER, as is indicated in the docu.  The problem comes when a user unknown to Bugzilla connects to it, they get a message as follows:

"We received an email address () that didn't pass our syntax checking for a legal email address, when trying to create or update your account. A legal address must contain exactly one '@', and at least one '.' after the @. It also must not contain any illegal characters. "

I've found 2 common methods for correcting this from searching archives and have tried them both with no success:

1.  Custom variable so Apache provides the email instead of just samAccountName: Doesn't work with GSSAPI or HTTPD 2.4
2.  Custom edit of to concatenate the domain name onto env_email: Produces an error in Bugzilla

If anyone has any tips on how to resolve this I would appreciate the help.


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