Accessing the FF DOM from an external process (C++)

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Accessing the FF DOM from an external process (C++)

Hi there,
Im trying to access the firefox DOM from an external application. I believe this is supposed to be possible using the ISimpleDOMNode and ISimpleDOMDocument interfaces.

Currently I have the following code:
IAccessible* pAcc=NULL;
ISimpleDOMNode* pNode = NULL;
ISimpleDOMDocument* pDoc = NULL;


HWND hFF = ::FindWindowExA(0, 0, "MozillaUIWindowClass", 0);

// drill down to the Document level
if (hFF)
HWND hTemp;
hTemp = ::FindWindowExA(hFF, 0, "MozillaWindowClass", 0);
hTemp = ::FindWindowExA(hTemp, 0, "MozillaWindowClass", 0);

HWND hChild = ::GetWindow(hTemp, GW_CHILD);

while (hTemp && !hChild)
hTemp = ::GetWindow(hTemp, GW_HWNDNEXT);
hChild = ::GetWindow(hTemp, GW_CHILD);

if (hTemp)
hTemp = ::GetWindow(hTemp, GW_CHILD);
hContent = ::FindWindowExA(hTemp, 0, "MozillaContentWindowClass", 0);
hr = pAcc->QueryInterface(IID_ISimpleDOMDocument, (void**)&pDoc);


Im getting a valid pAcc pointer and the HWND im sending in is the 'Document', however my problem lies in the fact that I am not getting a valid pDoc pointer. The HRESULT returns as E_NOINTERFACE. The same error occurs if i try to get an ISimpleDOMNode.

I have tried this on FF2, FF3.0.5 and FF3.2 to no avail. Is what im trying to do even possible? The project currently contains the .IDL files and the _i.c files.

Thanks in advance,