Accessible Firefox Feature Idea: Zoom to Screen Width

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Accessible Firefox Feature Idea: Zoom to Screen Width

tim o'brien-7
I am legally blind, but have enough sight to rily on NoSquint and
Accessibar over a screen reader. I have a blog that I use partly to
advocate for non-screen-reader accessibility. Recenlty I  posted the:
Call for Firefox Feature: Zoom to Screen Width
Basically, this is the idea (and most of the blog post):

The idea is based on a neat iPhone zoom feature. As I noted yesterday,
if you double tap on a column on a web page in the iPhone browser, it
automatically zooms in to fir the column to the width of the screen.

It would be great to be able to do something similar in Firefox.
First, it would be great if Firefox could automatically zoom so that a
web page fills the width of the screen. I have a wide-screen monitor
and almost all sites have wide empty margins. Second, clicking on a
column in a multi-column web site could zoom so the column fits the
screen width.

Does anyone know if this is even feasible?

I hope that it is ok for me to post my ideas here. Firefox is the most
accessible browser by far, but it can always get better.


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