[ATTENTION] Call for non-English testers on Thunderbird

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[ATTENTION] Call for non-English testers on Thunderbird

Simon Paquet-2
Hi guys,

the Thunderbird developers have changed the default font for the
message reader on all platforms from a serif font to a sans-serif

As we have now 50 different locales, it\\\'s hard to determine whether
this is really the right choice for every locale, so we need some
feedback from our localizers on this matter.

I\\\'d encourage you to give the latest nightly builds (with a new
profile) a try.

Alternately you could continue using your existing profile but edit
your font preferences via Preferences -> Display -> (Fonts) Advanced...  
In the Font dialog you\\\'ll want to Proportional to Sans-Serif; you
need to do this for both your default language as well as \\\"Other
Languages\\\" which is really UTF-8 in disguise.

Along with the change to sans-serif defaults we\\\'re also moving over
to more modern font types where possible.

For Windows XP it will continue as normal due to poor ClearType font
Arial - Sans-Serif
Courier New - Monospaced

For Windows Vista and greater this means:
Calibri - Sans-Serif
Consolas - Monospaced

For Mac, not Snow Leopard
Lucida Grande - Sans-Serif
Monaco - Monospaced

For Mac, Snow Leopard
Lucida Grande - Sans-Serif
Menlo - Monospaced

For Linux
DejaVu Sans - Sans-Serif
DejaVu Sans Mono - Monospaced

There are try server builds[2] available for this change and I\\\'d
encourage people to test it out.

Things should look proportionally the same as they did before however
we had to change the sizes a bit because the new fonts tend to look
larger than the older fonts even though the sizes remained the same.

We are still defaulting to a fixed width font for plaintext messages.


[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=520824
[2] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=465633#c45

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