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API Test/QA Engineer - Mozilla Corporation - Mountain View, CA

Bret Reckard-2
The Mozilla Corporation is looking for an exceptional API Test/QA
Engineer to join the team that is helping to create the next
generation(s) of our popular Firefox browser.

The engineer will develop automated test cases that verify the FireFox
browser operates correctly from the API and protocol layer.  Take a
methodical approach to testing the major features to the browser.
Determine which areas are in greatest need of testing and create test
cases, tools and test libraries to test those areas.  Work closely with
internal and external developers to understand the underlying browsers
features.  Engage with the community for test development and execution,
troubleshooting and confirmation of bugs, understanding the testing they
provide, and supporting test days.  Execute test cases in support of
feature development, integration testing, bug troubleshooting, and bug
fix verification.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

- Ability to understand the technical details of programmatic features
- Ability to learn new features quickly and determine the most efficient
way to test a feature
- Ability to apply the full range of quality methodologies
- Ability to write high quality bug reports
- Experience testing application platforms on two or more of these
operating systems: WinXP, Fedora Core, MacOS X
- Experience manipulating configuration parameters and preferences in a
testing environment
- Experience working with Open Source or Community Source projects
- Ability to work independently and to collaborate with remote engineers
- Experience with XML, DOM, CSS, Javascript, Java, C/C++
- Excellent communications skills using spoken work, email, blogs,
wikis, IRC, and IM

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

- Experience testing applications platforms such as web servers,
application servers, or operating systems
- Experience with test tool such as jUnit, jMeter. HTTPUnit, nUnit,
QuickTest Pro, Silk,  or Test Complete
- Experience with layout tools and engines and toolkits such as Xul,
Gecko, Trident, KHTML, Qt./KDE, or GTK/Gnome
- Strong experience with scripting languages such as PERL, Python
- Experience building extensions or plug-ins


Bret Reckard
Sr. Staffing Associate
Mozilla Corporation
1981 Landings Drive, Building K
Mountain View, CA 94043-0801
Phone: (650) 903-0800 Ext. 259
Mail: [hidden email]
Yahoo IM: bret_reckard

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