[ANNOUNCE] String freeze for Thunderbird 3.1 (final release) is today

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[ANNOUNCE] String freeze for Thunderbird 3.1 (final release) is today

Simon Paquet-2
Hi guys,

I just wanted to remind everyone, that the string freeze for
Thunderbird 3.1 beta2 and the Thunderbird 3.1 final release is
today, Tuesday April 20 at 23:59 PST[1].

I am planning to accept sign-ins up until Monday April 26th
pacific time[2] for the beta2 release. For the final release
the sign-in period will be a few weeks longer. I can't tell you
at the moment how long, but expect at least 4-5 more weeks.

Please use the new sign-in functionality in the l10n dashboard
to become part of these releases[3]. Currently you can only
sign-in for the 3.1 beta2 release. I'll open up the sign-in
possibility for the final release soon.


[3] https://l10n-stage-sj.mozilla.org/shipping/dashboard?av=tb3.1

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