[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.9 Release

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[ANNOUNCE] NSPR 4.10.9 Release

Kai Engert-4
The NSPR 4.10.9 release is now available.  The hg tag is
NSPR_4_10_9_RTM.  The source tar file can be downloaded from

NSPR 4.10.9 has the following bug fixes:

1021167 Leak of |poll_list| on failure in _MW_PollInternal
1030692 Make compiling nspr on windows possible again.
1088790 dosprint() doesn't support %zu and other size formats
1130787 prtime.h does not compile with MSVC's /Za (ISO C/C++
        conformance) option
1153610 MIPS64: Add support for n64 ABI
1156029 Teach clang-analyzer about PR_ASSERT
1160125 MSVC version detection is broken CC is set to a wrapper
        (like sccache)
1163346 Add NSPR support for FreeBSD mips/mips64
1169185 Add support for OpenRISC (or1k)
1174749 Remove configure block for iOS that uses MACOS_SDK_DIR
1174781 PR_GetInheritedFD can use uninitialized variables


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